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Born in Cariño and raised in Cambre (A Coruña), she moves to Valencia to study a degree in Fine Arts. In 2015, just as she’s finishing her studies, she publishes her first comic: Anna Dédalus: El misterio de la mansión quemada (Andana Editorial), with Miguel Ángel Giner Bou and Núria Tamarit. Two more comics follow soon after: Duerme Pueblo (Ediciones La Cúpula), again with Núria Tamarit, and Sello de Dragón (Sallybooks), written by Manuel Gutiérrez. This last one is actually a trilogy, with parts 1 and 2 already published and a third one is currently in production. Xulia keeps working in this and other comic and book projects while doing freelance illustration work and collaborations on comic anthologies and zines. Her main interest is narrative work, being raised in comics from an early age and with a wide range of influences from different comic industries.


Independent artist


Various drawings

A bunch of mixed illustrations, personal work and fanarts.