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Charo Lopes has a Journalism degree, a Literature, Culture and Diversity Master and an Artistic Photography HNC. As a poet she has published two books, ‘De como acontece o fim do mundo‘ (2016) and ‘Album‘ (2020). She has participated in festivals, expos and collective publications.
She has particular interest in the relationship between word and image, always under a critical perspective, with a feminist, decolonial and anti-capitalist perspective all over the artistic industry.
As a journalist she works in the newspaper Novas da Galiza and in the website Portal Galego da Língua. As a photojournalist, she published in Galiza Contrainfo.
Her visual work is developed as an editor in the magazine and also as a freelancer photographer specialized in portrait in Uma qualquer, a project where she works with women in individual sessions as a path to empowerment and self-awareness.


Independent artist


retratos UMA

UMA offers an artistic path to empowerment and self-awareness for women. The service consists on individual photo sessions where model and photographer work together to discover how to express through images the model’s identity and particular vital moment.