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Charo Lopes has a Journalism degree, a Literature, Culture and Diversity Master and an Artistic Photography HNC. As a poet she has published two books, ‘De como acontece o fim do mundo‘ (2016) and ‘Album‘ (2020). She has participated in festivals, expos and collective publications.
She has particular interest in the relationship between word and image, always under a critical perspective, with a feminist, decolonial and anti-capitalist perspective all over the artistic industry.
As a journalist she works in the newspaper Novas da Galiza and in the website Portal Galego da Língua. As a photojournalist, she published in Galiza Contrainfo.
Her visual work is developed as an editor in the magazine and also as a freelancer photographer specialized in portrait in Uma qualquer, a project where she works with women in individual sessions as a path to empowerment and self-awareness.


Independent artist


do ermo

Do ermo” is the result of several trips on national roads with an analog camera. Using expired rolls to play with the randomness of chemical development and respecting the film’s imperfections as another layer of meaning. Human trace as spectra. Present absences, ghosts and desert.
[This project was awarded with a special mention in Xuventude Crea 2015]