R4N – What the mother feeds on, the embryo feeds on.

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Clara Román is an interdisciplinary artist and activist focused on video art, performance, installations and digital scenography. Born and raised in Madrid, in 2012 she moved to Rome, Italy, where she graduated in Entertainment, Fashion and Digital Arts at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, specializing in Politics and Aesthetics of Performance. In 2018, together with his partner Tiago Branchini, he founded the interdisciplinary studio of new media, L4R. Her artistic research addresses issues relating to social, gender and feminism, racial, environmental and technological problems in relation to today’s society.




R4N – What the mother feeds on, the embryo feeds on.


What the mother feeds on, the embryo feeds on. (2019)


2 Hand-colored photographs, 98 x 69 cm, 69 x 98 cm

R4N is an artwork of fluorescent hand-painting engraving in a digital photography that investigates the aspect of the body in the motherhood and the mother-daughter union during pregnancy. The idea was born through the need to investigate the psychological aspect that a woman experiences during pregnancy, the fears and insecurities that are created during that period, the changes in the body and the close bond that is created and how everything affects the womb. The photographs were digitally taken and printed in black and white, then they were subsequently hand-treated with fluorescent paint and illuminated with violet light to highlight the engravings.

R4N is a joint work produced by L4R art studio, in which the artistic duo and XVNVX collaborate. Both photographs are read from left to right and follow the trail of colors chosen, thus revealing the link. In both photos appears the multidisciplinary artist Clara Román, from whom the concept was born together with Tiago Branc. She will subsequently treat the images as digitally as with painting, while the photographs were taken by the Argentine photographer XVNVX.