Jenni Koski holds an MA (English) from the University of Joensuu, Savonlinna School of Translation Studies (2003) and a Master of Creative Media from the RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2009).

Jenni is a new generation creative producer and freelance filmmaker. Her filmmaking credits include various experiences in Finland and in Australia as producer, director and screenwriter on short films, documentaries, web-series and music videos. Among the short films she has produced, there have been international successes Äiti/Mother (d. Otto Kylmälä, Finland-Croatia, 2015) and The Beast (d. Daina O. Pusic, Croatia-Finland, 2015). Jenni is currently screenwriting and showrunning a tv series about complicated women intended for SVOD release in 2023.


Grants & Scholarships

2020 Arts Promotion Centre Finland – Grant

2018 Alfred Kordelin Foundation / Grant

2017 Finnish Cultural Foundation / Grant for IN FOCUS Incubator

2016 Finnish Film Foundation – Script funding

2016 AVEK / Digidemo Grant

2015 Finnish Film Foundation – Script funding

2014 Arts Promotion Centre Finland – Grant

2014 Finnish Film Foundation – Script funding

2014 Union of Journalists in Finland – Grant

2013 Nordic Culture Point – Grant

2013 Arts Promotion Centre Finland – Grant

2013 Finnish Film Foundation – Script funding

2012 AVEK / Digidemo Grant

2010 Niilo Helander Foundation, Grant

2008 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Grant from Kalle and Dagmar Välimaa Trust

2002 CIMO scholarship

2000 CIMO scholarship


Manager: Föhn Productions (fohnproductions@gmail.com)

Open for producer and co-producer, project management and lead positions as well as chief executive or chief financial officer positions.


Independent artist


Mother is a strong emotional narrative of a family dealing with a mental illness. The story is accompanied with a provoking and enigmatic visual interpretation that sheds light on the real and magical in the world of bi-polar disorder. Mother presents a moment when there’s understanding within the family that gives hope for the future.

Äiti / Mother is a short film about a mother and son’s emotional connection.