Becoming Me (Matka minuksi, 2015)

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Mina Laamo is a film-making professional, working in film since 2003.

She graduated from the Aalto University with a Master of Arts in Documentary Film in 2015. She also has a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature and Gender Studies from the University of Helsinki. Her previous works include The Pests (2007), Becoming Me (2015), Four Trick Pony (2020) and Sorrow Tamers (2022).

In addition to working as a screenwriter and director in her own films, she has worked as a Producer and Production manager and in charge of communications and marketing. The production company, Koko Production, was established by director-screenwriter-producer Mina Laamo in January 2017.

Besides the documentary film-making she works closely with Pia Andell, with whom she has authored the media art installation Four Trick Pony, exhibited at the Turku Art Museum in 2020-2021.


State Quality Support for Film Productions 2015 (Becoming Me / Matka minuksi)


Independent artist


Becoming Me (Matka minuksi, 2015)

Becoming Me (75’/52′) follows three young women, each of whom writes a blog on her life and struggles with her own and contemporary society’s expectations. The film is a journey from alienation towards the slow process of accepting yourself, reaching out for others and trying to find the lost feeling of belonging.


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Original title: Matka minuksi 

Other titles: Becoming Me / Le Voyage vers moi / Die Reise zu Mir / Att bli jag

ARTE, YLE, Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, MEDIA, KMS, TJNK, City of Helsinki Cultural Office

Production company: Avanton Productions