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Mina Laamo


Mina Laamo is a film-making professional, working in film since 2003.

She graduated from the Aalto University with a Master of Arts (Art and Design) degree, majoring in Documentary Film, in 2015. Before, in 2012, she obtained a Master of Arts degree, majoring in Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, from the University of Helsinki.

The previous film by Mina Laamo (Becoming Me / Devenir Moi / Die Reise zu Mir / Matka minuksi, 75′ / 52′) was screened in Europe by ARTE in 2015. The film had the cinema release in Finland in same year and was screened nationally by YLE.

In addition to working as a screenwriter and director in her own films, she has worked as a Producer and Production manager and in charge of communications and marketing. The production company, Koko Production, was established by director-screenwriter-producer Mina Laamo in January 2017 and it has been running full force since that.

Besides the documentary film-making she works closely with Pia Andell, with whom she has authored the media art installation Four Trick Pony, exhibited at the Turku Art Museum in 2020-2021.


State Quality Support for Film Productions 2015 (Becoming Me / Matka minuksi)


Independent artist