Y in Vyborg (Hetket jotka jäivät, 2005)

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Pia Andell is a Finnish film director, producer and screenwriter.
She has directed documentary films since 1992, and from 2015 on she has focused on fiction films.  With Mina Laamo, Andell has also exhibited a media art installation in Turku Art Museum.

She is the founder of the production company Of Course My Films.

Andell has also worked as a producer in YLE,  the Finnish Broadcasting Company, as a commissioning editor in Finnish Film Foundation and AVEK, Centre for Audiovisual Culture,  and as a tutor in several workshops.

Andell’s interests are the human mind in it’s complexity, history and art. She is an avid tennis player, a mother of two daughters and likes to sculpt heads from clay.



Matchen (The Match)

Awards: Literally Short (Houston, USA) Best Narrative Short 2019, Dublin Short Film and Music Festival (Dublin, Ireland) Best Director 2019, Weyawega International Film Festival (Wisconsin, USA) Best Short Narrative, Dublin Independent Film Festival  Best Short Film 2019, Nomination for the Grand Prix in Indy Shorts (festival in July 2020).


Levyt ja valokuvat (Records and Photographs)

Awards:Minimalen (Norway) Best Nordic Fiction, Baltic Herring IBaltic Region Short film Competition(Rauma), Best Film, The State of Finland’s quality award 2016.


Mesenaatti (Patron)

Awards: Arctic Glory  Main Prize,, Arctic Glory Special Mention (music), The State of Finland’s Quality Awarda 2014, Tampere Film Festival Diploma of Merit.


Matkustaja (The Passenger) 

Awards:   Olympia Film Festival (Thessaloniki, Kreikka): Best Short Film, and Youth Jury’s award for Best Short Film, The State of Finland’s Quality Award 2012 


Göringin sauva (Göring’s Baton)

Awards: Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival: Best Foreign Short Film, Tampere Film Festival Main Prize over 30  min., The State of Finland’s Quality Award 2010, Best Int. Short Film, Minneapolis St.Paul International Film Festival


Hetket jotka jäivät (Y in Vyborg)

Awards: Prix Europa non-fiction  Special Mentio, Special Prize in Tampere Short Film Festival 2006. , Documenta Madrid Honorary Mention , Banff 2006  Jury’s First Special Award , The State of Finland’s Quality Award, Arctic Glory Public Award

Père Lachaise – Nekropolis (Père Lachaise – Necropolis)
Awards: Special Prize Tampere Film Festival 1996, KOURA–award for the best tv-programme 1996, International FIAT/IFTA award 1997.


Independent artist


Y in Vyborg (Hetket jotka jäivät, 2005)

In 1938 two young architects, Ragnar and Martta Ypyä, known as Y and Mirri, buy an 8mm camera. Together, they start filming the everyday life of Vyborg. But one year later, life in Vyborg changes irrevocably. The Soviet Union attacks Finland. The Winter War has destroyed the city. Mirri flees to the countryside; Y stays in Vyborg, helping to repair the bomb damage. But they carry on filming.