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Paula Korva is a film director and screenwriter. She is specialized in comedy and has worked as a show runner, staff writer and director on several sitcoms and sketch shows, eg. YleLeaks, Konttori Suomi and SNL. Her latest work is Rehtori, a sitcom created for CMore/MTV3. Korva has also written and directed several award-winning short films.

Korva has also directed documentaries and worked as a journalist. She holds a MA in Film from Aalto University and MA in Economics from University of Helsinki. Korva was born in Lapland and lives currently in Helsinki. She has two children.

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Open for director, show runner, staff writer and script editor positions.


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The Principal (Rehtori, 2020)

The Principal (Rehtori) is a 10×22’ comedy series created for CMore/MTV3. It tells of an awkward middle school principal struggling to keep her school under peaceful control.

The series was created and written by Paula Korva and Anna Brotkin, directed by Paula Korva and produced by Noora Haatainen of Yellow Film & TV. It was first released on the streaming service C More and got its tv premiere on MTV3 in January 2020. Yellow Film & TV handles global distribution.

“The series is a workplace comedy, revolving around the middle school’s principal, the teachers and their relationships. It’s also a satire about the world-class Finnish education system we in Finland are so proud of”