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Martyna Daniel is a painter and cinematographer born in Geneva in 1989 from a Polish mom and South American dad. After graduating from Prague Film School specializing in cinematography, she moved to Reykjavík where she currently lives and works in the cultural sector. Martyna co-founded an artist-run space in Reykjavík called Listastofan, which offered a wide range of events including life drawing sessions, creative reading nights, exhibitions and workshops from 2015 to 2019.

As a cinematographer Martyna primarily works with musicians on music videos and promotional album videos as well as other short projects in the cultural sector.

As a painter, Martyna Daniel likes to experiment with aggressive colors, sharp textures, glue and all kinds of shiny items. She uses all the sorts of paint she can find but most of the paintings are a combination of acrylic paint, glue and oil sticks. Her universe is wildly colorful, and people often say her paintings are very loud.


Manager: Martyna Daniel (martyna.daniel@gmail.com)

My paintings are for sale and I take commissions too. I am available for hire as a cinematographer for music videos and other short projects.


Independent artist


Taste The Air Again

In this new series of paintings titled Taste The Air Again, Martyna explored a reclaimed feeling of freedom. A wanderer, walking around with her eyes closed, she feels the air taste fresher, the wind colder but the silence still feels loud.

This series of paintings was exhibited in Reykjavik in March 2020.