Previous roles


I am a Finnish actor, focused on camera and voice work.

I studied Speech and Drama Art in Snellman-college, Helsinki and in Basel, Switzerland in Neue Kunst Schule, in all 5 years. I gratuated in 2018. At the moment I’m freelance actor and audiobook reader. I have acted in several short films, and small roles in finnish films and tv-series.

I’ve been described as sensitive and courageous actor, who’s a good team player.Voice work, languages and dialects are my strong point, which I’ve been utilising in roles and as audiobook narrator.


Independent artist


Previous roles

Stringer (police tech hub), dir. Marton Jelinko, Outline Studios, on production

Stuck at Home (protagonist), dir. Mira Salmela, Euphoria Borealis 2020

Panic in the Attic (protagonist), dir. Tuomas Gröndahl, Euphoria Borealis 2020

Lord of the Flies (Loni), dir. Ilkka Levä, Euphoria Borealis 2020

Fucking with nobody (youtube video commentator), dir. Hannaleena Hauru, Aamu Film Company 2020

The Daughter (daughter), dir. Tamara Aalto, The Academy of moving people and images 2019

Keskusteluja gorillan kanssa (crazy woman), dir. Ilkka Levä, Euphoria Borealis 2020

Narraation synty (drunkard), dir. Ilkka Levä, Euphoria Borealis 2020

The Salvation Army commercial film (woman on the street), dir. Markus Virpiö, Otto Tuotanto 2019

Valkoinen Yö (Emma), dir. Joona Kivirinta, Welhofilmi / ELO / Siro Creative, on production

The Perfect Niece (sister), dir. Aleksi Moine, Independent film, Euphoria Borealis 2019

The Face (Anna), dir. Tero Savolainen, Uneton48-short film contest 2019

Nothing (Hertta), dir. Aki Rahikka, Keuda 2019

Roba (Church worker), dir. Inari Niemi, Yellow Film 2018

Sleepless Basel (Aino), dir. Anna-Katriina Kykkänen, Independent film 2018

Has Been (Blog awards partier), dir. Oskari Sipola, Welhofilmi 2018