Mary Shelley: La muerte del monstruo

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Raquel Lagartos is an illustrator and comic author from Spain. She has attended the School of Art of Oviedo and has a degree in Mathematics.

Raquel has worked with clients like Álice Jeunesse, Editorial Anaya or the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Her works have been exhibited in different places such as the Sitges Film Festival, the San Sebastián Horror and Fantasy Film Festival or the Aragon Contemporary Art and Culture Institute “Pablo Serrano Museum”. 

She has also published two graphic novels : “Mary Shelley: La muerte del monstruo” (Diábolo Ediciones, 2016; Edizioni Piemme, 2018 ) and “La hierba del estío” (Diábolo Ediciones, 2018), for which she has been nominated as “Better National Comic Artist” for the 2018 Comic Critics Awards. 


  • Special mention for Concurso Internacional de Álbum Ilustrado Biblioteca Insular de Gran Canaria, in collaboration with A Buen Paso publisher House, 2019.
  • Nominated for Best national comic artist by “La hierba del estío”, 2018 Comic Critics Awards


Independent artist


Mary Shelley: La muerte del monstruo

“Mary Shelley, la muerte del monstruo”, Raquel Lagartos, Julio César Iglesias, Diábolo Ediciones (1ªed. 2016, 2ªed. 2018, Spain), Piemme Edizioni (2018, Italy)

“Mary Shelley: la muerte del monstruo” is a story about the life and death of the creator of the most famous monster ever. This graphic novel studies Victorian’s dark fascination with death and fantasies about using science to reanimate corpses and achieve life after death. In that historical background, we rebuild the complex psychology of Mary Shelley, marked by an unhappy life. At a time when doctors had the right to unearth or kill family members, Mary Shelley forces us to ask ourselves about the true identity of the monster. Where does the mind of the creator start and where does the mind of the monster ends?