Mirages – a music and dance film (2021, 50 min)

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Marikki Hakola is a media artist, film director, producer and researcher. She was born in Isokyrö in 1960. She lived her youth and went to school in Seinäjoki. Hakola studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki during 1980-1984, acquiring a Visual Arts degree.

Hakola started working with video and performance art in 1982, quickly establishing her role as a pioneer of Finnish video art. Ever since, Hakola has realized several video works, multimedia works, audiovisual projects, spatial projects as well as performances as an independent artist and producer. The works of Hakola include video art, dance videos, music films, documentaries, Internet works, multimedia works, installations, multimedia performances, audiovisual stage designs, television productions, experimental projects, web sites and artistic research projects.

Hakola’s works have been presented internationally at several exhibitions and festivals, e.g. in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Japan, the United States, Iran, India, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Russia, Poland, Estonia and Hungary. Her works have also been presented by TV channels in Finland, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, France, Spain, US and Great Britain, among others.

Hakola is regarded internationally as a pioneer of European media art. Hakola’s works are present at the collections of several international art museums and archives. Installations by Hakola have been presented widely at domestic and international art museums and institutions.

Hakola is running a production company Kroma Productions Ltd acting as the executive producer and CEO of the company. Kroma, a company for audiovisual and media art production, is founded on 1993. (www.kroma.fi) Kroma is specialized in producing art and culture content and services. Kroma is a producer for over 100 films, documentaries, media art, animations, TV series, multimedia and web projects, installations, events and performances. Kroma has collaborated with hundreds of great directors, media artists, multimedia designers and film, television and performing arts professionals. Many of the productions are internationally awarded.

Hakola is also a partner and COB at the StarHop Creative Ltd. (www.starhop.fi)

Hakola also prepares for her doctoral dissertation studies aiming at a Doctor of Arts degree from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University, in the Department of Media. She has also acted as a Media Art pedagogue at the Finnish art universities, as a producer, as well as a cultural-political figure within the cinema and media art scene in Finland.


AV-arkki Prize, The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, for Marikki Hakola, Helsinki (2007)

Banff Definition (2006), Honorable Mention, HD Summit and Digital Media Festival, Canada, for the film Butterfly Lovers, 2006, written and directed by Hakola

The Finland State Quality Support for the film The Bewitched Child (2005), directed by M. Hakola

Rockie Awards NHK President’s Prize for Best HD Film, BANFF World Television Festival, Canada, The Bewitched Child (2005), directed by Marikki Hakola

The Porvoo City Culture Prize for Marikki Hakola, (2002)

Honorable Mention for the TRIAD Project at the File Web Art Festival, Brazil, (2000)

The Finland State Quality Support for the film Continuum (1999), directed by Marikki Hakola

Blue Sea Film Festival 3th Prize for the film KIKO (1998), directed by Minna Tarkka, produced by Marikki Hakola

The Finland State Quality Support for the experimental film O-zone (1997), directed by Harri Larjosto, produced by Marikki Hakola

The Finland State Quality Support for the computer animation film DEEP (1995), directed by Milla Moilanen, produced by Marikki Hakola


Manager: Kroma Productions Ltd. (kroma@kroma.fi)

I'm open for concept design work and chief executive producer positions in productions combining cinema, media arts and performing arts. My special expertise and skills in the field of the VIRTUAL STAGE and VR/AR/XR.


Independent artist


Mirages – a music and dance film (2021, 50 min)

Mirages – a music and dance film (2021, 50 min)