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Laura Currais Pérez is an architect and designer who alternates now her job with Blaurtopías, personal project about Illustration and Ceramics.

She belongs to a family with a centenary tradition of teaching and grew up with the motto of studying many subjects from many different fields. That is why her goal in life is to keep learning until being 101 years old. This may also be the reason why Blaurtopías shows an interdisciplinary nature by combining several Arts & Crafts techniques where illustration, colour and form and narrative value form the key elements. Her work defends heterogeneity in a context with a strong prevalence of specialisation.

Blaurtopic imaginary finds its inspiration in nature, geometry and popular culture. When drawing, she normally uses a pen and a notebook in order to create parts of illustrations which later are scanned and put together thanks to digital tools. These drawings can be transformed in ink originals, silkscreen prints or digital illustrations. About ceramics, she shapes clay by hand or on the potter’s wheel, having a preference for utilitarian pieces. She develops decoration techniques which allow her to reproduce illustrations on clay, as sgraffito or mishima.

Blaurtopías’ mascot is a Dumbo Octopus, curious animal that lives in the abyssal depths.


Independent artist