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Lara Grufferty


Lara Grufferty is a visual artist from Cork, specialising in a diverse range of printmaking techniques. Upon graduating in 2020, with an Honours degree in Print Contemporary Practice, Lara was the recipient of the prestigious Limerick Printmakers bursary. She is now living and working in Limerick City, while dreaming of printmaking!

During her under-graduate career Lara’s work was displayed internationally and nationally in numerous self-initiated, group and inter-disciplinary exhibitions. Following graduating her work has been added to a collection of zines by queer Irish artists (Qu-Ines), on permanent display in the Source Arts Centre, Thurles. 

Lara’s visual practice consists mainly of planographic printmaking processes such as monoprint, silkscreen and lithography. Her work is interested in the colours and textures created on the printed surface through process. Experimentation and play are quintessential to Lara in her practice, she tries to approach her practice with humour, joy, and a smile. 

Lara’s current practice is a visual record of her love affair with bright vibrant colours and traditional print process – primarily silkscreen and monoprint.
She builds layers of colours through these processes, observing how they intermingle on the surface of the paper. Her use of colour is both intuitive and arbitrary, often decided only after the previous layer of colour has been printed. In this way, Lara’s practice and approach towards print processes becomes alchemistic and ritualistic.

The abstract nature of her prints is an invitation to the spectator, to imagine their own narrative and interpretations to the compositions based on their viewing of the work.


Individual Bursary award from Limerick City and County Council arts office 2020

Limerick Printmakers Graduate bursary award 2020


Independent artist