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Fiona Quill


Fiona Quill is a printmaker and educator based in Limerick. Her practice encompasses monoprint, silkscreen, experimental litho and occasionally intaglio. She is a member and Chair of the Board of Directors at Limerick Printmakers group.

She uses the process of printmaking to project issues of environmental, social and political concerns. She believes printmaking is a powerful tool for communication and holds the ability make a strong impact on society. Communication and change is a central and common theme to everything Fiona does. As a lecturer and Program Leader of Print Contemporary Practice at the Limerick School of Art and Design, she works to create an ethos and understanding of the great power that printmaking holds in the present day and throughout history.

Fiona endeavors to push the boundaries of printmaking, open up an understanding of the process and discuss common global matters, whilst also keeping a finger on the heartbeat of international printmaking trends. She identifies that Limerick, a fairly isolated city on the west coast of Ireland has a great community of printmakers that is constantly growing and evolving.


Fiona has exhibited nationally and internationally independently, as well as with her cohort in the Limerick Printmakers. She has work in private collections, and has been collected by State bodies and commissioned. As a creative director in Creative Europe projects, she has championed printmaking as a serious and necessary mode of expression.


Independent artist