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Eva Byrne


Eva Byrne is a printmaker and illustrator based in Limerick, Ireland. She has been a member of Limerick Printmakers since 2016, and balances her time between her printmaking practice and doing freelance illustration work from home.
Eva graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2014 with an honours degree in Printmaking and Contemporary Practice. Her work has been displayed both nationally and internationally. Her most recent exhibit was in New York, where she took  part in ‘20 Years of Change‘, a collaborative exhibition between members of Limerick Printmakers The Ink Shop, Ithaca. Eva’s fine art practice focuses on the process of silkscreen. Eva’s screen prints are made up of many layers of carefully calculated colour combinations, characters and text. Eva mixes metallic paints with iridescent pigment powders to create overlays that add a dreamlike shimmer to her compositions.


Eli Lilly Purchase Prize (2015)

Limerick Institute of Technology Purchase Prize (2014)

Cork Printmakers Bursary Award (2014)


Independent artist