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Elara Elvira


Elara Elvira (Vigo, Spain 1984) is interested in studying the interactions of human beings with Nature throughout the course of history. With a focus on ethnobotany and folklore, she carries out projects that question our relationship with the plant world from a feminist and environmentalist perspective and she uses art, as a communication tool to promote the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.

Elara Elvira works with different media and plastic techniques: screen printing, mural painting, design, sculpture, installation and stop motion animation. She also works in the conception and development of cultural projects. She often combines her personal work with other collaborative projects, as a way of investigating, through shared processes, the place of art and culture in today’s society.

She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. In 2011 she was selected for the “Culturia” residency in Berlin (Germany), where she lived for two years. In 2013 she moved to Nantes (France) to be an artist in residence at the “Maison Quartier Madeleine”. For three years, she lived in this city and she participated in different residencies, exhibitions and other projects related to cultural production and education. In 2018 she founded FURRR Studio in Barcelona, a self-managed silkscreen and sculpture workshop where she carried out collaborative projects with other artists.


Independent artist