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Eevi Rola is an award-winning actress and a filmmaker born in Helsinki, Finland. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, which she received in 2018 after studying at the New York Film Academy in New York and Los Angeles. Having studied both on the east and west coast, she has a broad view of the film industry. 

While finishing her acting degree, she took a significant step on the other side of the camera, developing an extensive set of skills in filmmaking. This has helped Eevi on her artistic journey, as she began to work in the art department for prestigious projects as well as with brands like Levi’s, Calpak, and Shapermint. While she focused on the work behind the camera, her thesis project “Easy Street” rushed to win awards globally. Rola got nominated for her acting performance as “Sydney” in over a dozen film festivals.  

She is currently staying busy and working in the industry back in Finland while keeping her ties to both LA and NYC. Once it’s safe to travel, she wants to continue her journey both in Europe as well as in the United States.




Actors Awards, USA

  • Won, Best Actress & Best Actress in a TV/Web Series for Easy Street (2019)


Eastern Europe International Movie Awards, Turkey

  • Won, Bronze Award, Best Actress for Easy Street (2019)


Festigious International Film Festival, USA

  •  Won, Honorable Mention, Best Actress for Easy Street (2019)


Independent Shorts Awards, USA

  • Nominated, Jury Prize, Best Actress for Easy Street (2019)

Los Angeles Film Awards, USA

  •  Won, Honorable Mention Best Actress for Easy Street (2019)


New York International Film Awards, USA

  • Nominated, April Monthly Award, Best Actress for Easy Street (2019)


Oniros Film Awards, USA

  • Won, Grand Jury Award for Best Actress for Easy Street (2019)



Sanctuary Cove International Film Festival, Australia

  • Nominated, Best newcomer Actress for Easy Street (2019)




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