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Alba Matilla


Alba Matilla is a Spanish artist born in 1998 in Avilés, Asturias. She studied the Fine Arts’ Degree at Universidad de Vigo between 2016 and 2020, coursing a trimester in Jan Matejko’s Art Academy in Krakow (Poland), and currently she’s studing the Master of Art Production and Investigation at UPV/EHU. She has worked as assistant of administration, communication, documentation and content creation at Dos Mares (Marseille, France) and she has participated in several expositions among Avilés, Pontevedra, Marseille and some virtual platforms such as The Holy Art (based in London).

“My work is centred on the study of the individual’s psychological subjective framework , which is given by a myriad of factors such as experience, states of mind, memory… Among these factors, I focus especially on the
altered states of consciousness and on the space from an anthropological perspective. I am interested in
to investigate the link between the manipulated landscape and savage nature, and how these juxtapositions
affect our way of conceiving the world. Also, through video, I also want to delve into these confrontations beyond the screen, where we come face to face with a form of virtual reality that creeps into our daily lives and represents a completely new unknown landscape.”



Independent artist